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Contoole helps businesses meet their performance goals through custom eLearning solutions.

Designed, Developed & Delivered For…

As a preferred eLearning service provider, our custom eLearning solutions cater to functional
as well as behavioural need based employee development programs.

Off the shelf eLearning courses

Fill your LMS with over 25 courses in less than 60 minutes

Business Simulation and
Gamified Learning

Transform dull tasks into interesting milestones

We specialize in custom eLearning content development that appeals to the aptitude of your employees and the aim of your business.
Our business simulation and gamification solutions are designed to inspire employees to achieve business goals.
When we begin our design process, we ensure that every business simulation or game is much more than just a game. Our approach to custom eLearning content development makes our courses aligned to the organizational performance goals.
It is a complex process where learners are not only engaged, but are also solving problems, analyzing strategies and linking them to business objectives and their own performance.

Learning Management System

Start your online school today. its free.

If you are a freelancer or a school planning to go digital, our learning Management System is a perfect way for you to get started.Our user centric design allows you to design, develp and monitor your courses. With integrated payment gateway and regular updates, you will be adding another another avenue to your business, Free of charge

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Pat on the Back

"It was great working with Contoole.

We touched upon every relevant aspect of building an educational course for fundraising and whether it would be the preparation or the implementation, they know how to execute such a project and we appreciate the professionalism and collaboration.

I can highly recommend working with Contoole."

Michail Kosak
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
DueDash Capital Networks GmbH

"It was a wonderful experience collaborating with Contoole’s team on E-learning module development. The most delightful thing about them is they have SMEs who can comprehend the customers’ needs and a capable team that can deliver quality work. They not only delivered our project timely but also exceeded our expectations.

We would certainly like to continue working with them in the future too."

Corporate HRM
UNO Minda Limited