Communication 101

The important of communication at work can never be underestimated.
Efficient and effective  task management is crucial in the initial stages of an employee’s lifecycle. However, as the employee continues to  grow it is important to learn to work with people in a way that not only meets the performance goals but also build trust. Higher level of trust would mean, better visibility, faster buy in, increased opportunities of growth and enhanced scope of learning.

However, all this is impossible without effective communication. At work we communicate at different levels and using different medium. While the basic principles of communication remain the same, there are certain guidelines that help us communicate across a certain channel effectively and under certain circumstances very efficiently.
Our off the shelf eLearning course on Communication 101 brings together a combination of topics that helps us understand the basics of professional communication.
This off the shelf eLearning course will help you introspect and understand the scenarios where communication plays a key role in building workplace relations while driving performance relations.
If you are looking at simulated and gamified eLearning for your team we will be happy to customize it.
We can create customized simulated and gamified eLearning solutions for any of our off the shelf course.


Emails have become increasingly important while working...