Stakeholder Management

Efficient and effective task management is crucial in the initial stages of an employee’s lifecycle. However, as the employee continues to grow it is important for him or her to learn to work with people in a way that not only meets performance goals but also builds trust. Higher level of trust means better visibility, faster buy in, increased opportunities of growth and enhanced scope of learning.


It doesn’t matter what type of stakeholder one is dealing with, having a clear idea about the expectations of the stakeholder is a must, especially, if you are dealing with stakeholders at multiple levels or across hierarchies.

This stakeholder management course will help you get a grip on your understanding about who your stakeholder is and what they really expect from you.
Analyze your relation with them and learn about tools that will help you develop strategies to better it with time.
You can be more efficient and effective if you are supported by a well-knit network of stakeholders.
A consolidation of 3 courses,  this stakeholder management course will orient you towards some of the basic skills and behaviours required to manage stakeholders effectively.


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