Managerial Effectiveness

A manager is often considered to be a Super Hero Character who makes everything alright.
They help others so that individual team and business goals can be achieved. What we often don’t realize is that a manager needs help too. A manager is responsible not just for achieving goals and for that being a subject matter expert is not enough. It requires people management skills too. 

Being a First Time Manager is exciting but stressful too. It is important to not get carried away by the designation but rather firm up your position in the team.
Understand and navigate the change in role with confidence and motivation. It is important to start right and keep adding value. Get a grip on the skills that every new manager must have. Take this off the shelf eLearning course which compiles a series of modules essential for any manager. 
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Problem Solving

Team members rely on their managers when faced with a problem. Stakeholders expect quick turn around when faced with a bottleneck..

Embracing Change

Embracing change is not just a professional skill but a life skill. Being able to adapt to change requires certain skills...

Emotional Intelligence

Conflict is common but that does not make it trivial. Missing or ignoring the signs of conflict can escalate it further.

Conflict Management

Being able to manage conflict effectively reinforces trust among the team and also helps you set expectations about ways to manage internal differences.

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset encourages you to look for possibilities, become open to learning, think creatively and not be deterred by problems.

Driving Accountability

Driving accountability as a manager is not a task but it is about building a culture within the team.

Appraisal Conversations

The most dreaded conversation of the year – it is perception or lack of preparation?. Find out more in..

Sharing Feedback

Feedback is way to build trust and not just drive performance. Often as a new manager the focus is..

Managing Transitions

A change in role not only impacts an individual but a lot of people around the individual. Being able..

Working in Teams

Team Working is a program that brings together various elements that one must be aware of as leaders..

Delegation Skills

For most managers delegation is the most tough thing to do because of the lack of skillset to delegate..