Personal Effectiveness

It takes close to 3 -6 months for any fresher to settle down in a new work environment. It can often be overwhelming for them when they have to deal with seniors, managers and stakeholders. Introduce them to skills that will help them in their day to day work management and understand expectation so that they can become more confident and productive quickly. Get a glimpse of our 9 course ‘New Employee Onboarding’ series

If you are looking at a comprehensive learning journey for the new hires which is self paced, then these off the shelf eLearning courses is the way to get started.
The topics identified in this course includes the basic skills that will prepare any new hire to deal with the professional world with confidence.
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Assess, analyze and get your team to action with these off these shelf courses.
We can create customize simulation and gamified eLearning course based on this course too