Case Study 01

How do we prepare startup founders for better conversations with investors?

Client Requirement

A community platform that aims to bring investors and founders together recognized that most founders were inadequately prepared to have meaningful conversations with potential investors.  This led to most founders failing to get funds despite developing ‘potentially’ brilliant products. 


Over 300 hours of meeting and research Created a learning structure that would enable startup founders to understand what are the building blocks of starting a business Developed a framework that condensed the findings into 5 minute bite sized modules spread over 77 days Designed daily challenges that would encourage learners to reflect and apply learning to their businesses Delivered L3 SCORM compliant modules to client who has made it accessible to any startup founder globally in their platform.

Case Study 02

What if we could align our employees to make batter decision; everytime, all the time?

Client Requirement

Create a module that will be used to build awareness on the use of the key parameters of site selection process based on an internally developed framework of scoring.


Storyboarded, designed and developed a 45 minutes gamified module that not only tested the knowledge but also agility of the group while decision making. The game was built over 4 different levels, each level with a different set of challenge. It was a multiplayer simulation with competitive scoring features that reflected through a leaderboard. Build a fair scoring system for the players while integrating it with expert rating for evaluation at different levels

Case Study 03

What can we do to enable our employees to manage our global stakeholders effectively?

Client Requirement

Build a series of eLearning modules for audience spread across global locations namely Egypt, Poland, Mexico and India on building trustworthy stakeholder relations.


Conceptualized, designed and developed the learning journey with four modules that build into each other. Each module focused on a certain key points of stakeholder conversations including culture. Each module had customized scenarios, frequent learner interactions, learning summary and quiz ( knowledge and application based ) for evaluation. The modules ensured enough sensitization before the facilitative session and also a nice ready reckoner post the session apart from learner evaluation